W3C Validation Solutions

Converting traditional/old HTML code to CSS friendly alternatives to achieve W3C validation.

Error: The frameborder attribute on the iframe element is obsolete. Use CSS instead.

iframe { border: none; }

Error: The cellspacing attribute on the table element is obsolete. Use CSS instead.

eg. cellspacing=”10″

table { border-collapse:separate; border-spacing:10px; }

Note: border-collapse has to be set to separate on the table element for this to work.

eg. cellspacing=”0″

table {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;}

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Sheppey is spelt with two ‘e’s because it’s a place name!

Sheppey, as in the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, is correctly spelt with two ‘e’s – ‘Sheppey’, because it’s a place name!

For some unknown reason – many people on the internet seem to assume they somehow ‘know better’ – by incorrectly ‘correcting’ the name to ‘Sheppy’ or ‘Isle of Sheppy’.

But there’s no such place as ‘Sheppy’ – just as there’s no such place as ‘Londn’ – so unless you want to mark yourself out as an idiot, don’t fall into this trap!

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Windows Error 0x800700FF when trying to play a movie

System files could be corrupt – one possible solution to this problem:

  • Open CMD prompt (using “Run as Adminstrator”).
  • Type ‘sfc /scannow‘ to check & fix system files.
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Uploading a video to YouTube or Facebook freezes or stalls part way through upload and Chrome console shows ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR – one possible fix:

The problem encountered: after trying to upload a video to YouTube or Facebook using a Windows 10 machine, the video upload freezes and gets stuck only a short way into the upload (eg. at the 5 or 10% mark) and never completes; clicking inspect in the Chrome developer tools console shows an ‘ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR’ error.

After suffering from this extremely annoying problem for months on one particular computer (which previously worked fine, but mysteriously developed this fault around 24 March 2021) in Chrome, Firefox and Edge web browsers (and sometimes with web based photo uploaders), but being able to upload fine from several other Windows 10 machines connected to the same network, I finally tracked the issue down to an obscure setting with Kaspersky anti-virus (despite having already tried the pause protection option!).

If you encounter this error and have Kaspersky Internet Security installed, try turning off the ‘Limit traffic on metered connections’ option in Kaspersky’s network settings panel. Then restart your machine, and hopefully the problem with YouTube and Facebook video uploads will be resolved.

Further notes: the ethernet connection was already set to unmetered & network type as public (even though it’s a home network) in Windows settings, so it would seem that Kaspersky may have incorrectly decided it was a metered connection and started blocking large files from fully uploading without warning.

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Scenes from ITV’s new drama ‘Too Close’ filmed at Kingsferry Bridge, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

Some scenes for ITV’s new drama ‘Too Close’ were filmed around the Kingsferry Bridge, which connects the Isle of Sheppey to mainland Kent, over the weekends of 24-25th October & 12-13 December 2020.

Powerful TV lights near the Kingsferry Bridge 25 Oct 2020
Powerful TV lights near the Kingsferry Bridge 25 Oct 2020
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On the trail of Isle of Sheppey’s mystery Moo Mop Mouse!

A mystery artist has been creating cute little artworks featuring a mouse called ‘The Moo Mop Mouse!’ (#moomopmouse). The miniature artworks have been appearing near island beaches in September 2020. This blog entry documents some of the artworks found. The artist often leaves little ‘clue arrows’ pointing to where the small artworks can be found.

Sheerness 1 – ‘shopping list’:

Sheerness 2 – ‘kite flier’

Minster on Sea 1 – ‘pipe’:

Minster on Sea 2 – ‘wine glass’:

Queenborough – ‘string telephone’:


Warden Bay – ‘mouse hole’

Shellness – ‘mouse hole with cracks’

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Thames sailing barge Raybel and the Dolphin Sailing Barge Museum, Milton Creek, Sittingbourne

February 2020

Historic, 100-year old, Thames sailing barge Raybel, can now be found berthed at the head of Milton Creek in Sittingbourne, alongside Lloyds Wharf – undergoing restoration in the same location she was built at in 1920, thanks to the Raybel Charters project.

From the mid-19th Century until the Second World War the yards on the creek in Sittingbourne produced over 500 barges; the brick fields and barges of North Kent playing a key role in the growth of Victorian London.

We spotted the barge quite by accident, from the adjacent retail park and found our way over to the site, fortunately bumping into Clive Reader, chairman of the Dolphin Sailing Barge Museum, who kindly gave us a quick tour of the stunning newly rebuilt and relocated museum building (the original barge museum off Crown Quay Lane burnt down in October 2008) and arranged for us to have a quick look aboard the Raybel. The new museum probably won’t be officially open until 2021.

100 year old Thames sailing barge Raybel
Milton Creek at low tide (left), Thames sailing barge Raybel (center) alongside Lloyds Wharf, and the new Dolphin Sailing Barge Museum building (right)
The main room and galley area inside Raybel
Looking towards the galley
The engine
The newly rebuilt Dolphin Sailing Barge Museum with protective window shutters
Inside the ground floor of the sailing barge museum.
The upper level of the barge museum.
Raybel as seen from the upper level of the museum building.
A model barge inside the museum
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Find out ink remaining on HP Deskjet 9800 series

An accurate way to find out the remaining ink in the cartridges is to print off a diagnostics sheet, which will include the ink remaining in each cartridge as a percentage (listed under LEFT CHUTE/RIGHT CHUTE on the printout).

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PHP RFC3339 date for Google Calendar API

$date = new DateTime();
echo $date->format(DATE_RFC3339);
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PHP Find end of the month/last day of month

<?php echo date("t-m-Y"); ?>

The ‘t’ option of date returns the number of days in the month.

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