Kingsferry Bridge (information for yachts)

Communicating with the bridge by VHF:

Kingsferry Bridge can be contacted on VHF Channel 10.

For craft without VHF:

Visual: The recognised visual signal for requesting a bridge lift is a bucket in the rigging.
Sound: The sound signal is one long blast followed by four short blasts.

Signals displayed by the bridge:

Lights displayed Meaning
None Bridge in locked down position
Alternate flashing red and green Bridge lifting sequence commenced
Fixed green Bridge at maximum height
Flashing red Bridge commenced descending
Flashing orange Bridge unable to move keep clear

Kingsferry Bridge clearance at mean high water springs (MHWS)*:

The centre span of Kingsferry Bridge lifts to allow the passage of vessels.

Clearance open: 28.96m (95.0′)
Clearance closed: 3.35m (11.0′)

Sheppey Crossing Clearance*:
Clearance: 29.02m (95.2′)

*Source: official tide tables for Sheerness (use data above at own risk).

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