Place names

Some place name changes, alternative spellings, similar areas and their meanings.

Barton’s Point:
Origins: Believed to be named after ‘old Jesse Barton’, a shepherd and milkman who lived in a solitary cottage near the site of the Ship on Shore.

Blue Town:
Originally this would have been Sheerness.
Origin: So named  because most of the original inhabitants worked in the naval dockyard, and painted their houses with blue paint misappropriated from admiralty stores.

Capel Fleet:
Alternative spellings: Cable Fleet, Cable Creek

Cheyney Rock:
Alternative spellings: Cheney Rock, Cheyne Rock
Origins: Believed to be named by, or after Sir William Cheyne.

Marine Parade, Sheerness:
Used to be called Cheyney Rock Road

Isle of Sheppey:
Insula Ovinium, Sceapige (meaning: island of sheep)


The Broadway (Sheerness):
Previously: Edward Street
Origins: Originally called Edward Street because the majority of the buildings were designed by Sir Edward Banks.

Old Hook:

Mile Town:
Previously: Banks  Town
Origins: The names derives from the fact that’s situated approximately 1 mile from Bluetown.



Previously: Bynnee
Alternative spellings: Quynborow, Quinborough

Richmond Street:
Previously: Charles Street

Scrap’s Gate, Scap Gate, Scrape Hope Marsh
Origins: Believed to be named after a gate at this point.


Windmill Creek:
Watermill Creek
Straw Creake
Crog Dick (Crog Diep, Crog Deep, Crogdeep, Croggdeepe, Crockdeepe, Crog Creek, Crey Deep)
Origins: Named after the windmill that existed midpoint along the creek.

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