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Mac safe boot

Hold down shift key after startup tone.

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Apache reset/delete logs The correct procedure is to move the logfile, then signal Apache to tell it to reopen the logfiles. Apache is signaled using the SIGHUP (-1) signal. e.g. mv access_log access_log.old kill -1 `cat` Note: is a file containing the process id of the Apache httpd … Continue reading

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CSS drop downs – drop down menus

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Low Power PCs

Low power PCs: Tiny Green PC Raspberry Pi – approx 2 – 3.5 watts Aleutia – approx 10 watts Intel NUC – approx 11 watts LIVA Mini PC – approx 15 watts Asus Eee Box – idle approx. 20w, running approx. 22.7 – … Continue reading

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The Greek Alphabet

Α, α – alpha Β, β – beta Γ, γ – gamma Δ, δ – delta Ε, ε – epsilon Ζ, ζ – zeta Η, η – eta Θ, θ – theta Ι, ι – iota Κ, κ – kappa … Continue reading

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Samsung Note 2 unfortunately s note has stopped working

This obscure error can sometimes be fixed by the following steps: Go to Settings Click on Language and Input Click the cog image next to the Samsung keyboard options (even if greyed out) Click on Input Languages On English (UK), … Continue reading

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Vi Commands

Movement: h, j, k, l  – left, down, up, right spacebar – right Copy/paste: Y – copy one or more lines p – paste line below current cursor P – paste line above current cursor Line numbers: :set number

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GFS = General Forecast System or Global Forecast System GRIB  = GRidded Information in Bindary

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Linux Notes

Hard links: ln /path/file1 /path/file2 Associates one physical file with another name (file2). Both access the same file. Can’t be used with directories. Can’t cross file system boundaries. Soft (symbolic) links: ln -s /path/source /path/alias Creates an alias to a … Continue reading

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PHP Regular Expressions

Notes: A regular expression is enclosed between two forward slashes “//“. Hash signs # or tildes ~ can also be used (these characters are called delimiters). eg. $exp = “/php/“;    – search for the occurence of string ‘php’ Special/meta-characters: * Match … Continue reading

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