Low Power PCs

Low power PCs:

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The Greek Alphabet

Α, α – alpha
Β, β – beta
Γ, γ – gamma
Δ, δ – delta
Ε, ε – epsilon
Ζ, ζ – zeta
Η, η – eta
Θ, θ – theta
Ι, ι – iota
Κ, κ – kappa
Λ, λ – lambda
Μ, μ – mu
Ν, ν – nu
Ξ, ξ – xi
Ο ο – omicron
Π, π – pi
Ρ, ρ – rho
, ς – sigmaf
Σ, σ – sigma
Τ, τ – tau
Υ, υ – upsilon
Φ, φ – phi
Χ, χ – chi
Ψ, ψ – psi
Ω, ω – omega

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Samsung Note 2 unfortunately s note has stopped working

This obscure error can sometimes be fixed by the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Language and Input
  3. Click the cog image next to the Samsung keyboard options (even if greyed out)
  4. Click on Input Languages
  5. On English (UK), click update.
  6. Wait for the update to complete, then try to reopen S-note.
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Vi Commands

h, j, k, l
  – left, down, up, right
spacebar – right

Y – copy one or more lines
p – paste line below current cursor
P – paste line above current cursor

Line numbers:
:set number

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GFS = General Forecast System or Global Forecast System
GRIB  = GRidded Information in Bindary

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Linux Notes

Hard links:

ln /path/file1 /path/file2

Associates one physical file with another name (file2). Both access the same file. Can’t be used with directories. Can’t cross file system boundaries.

Soft (symbolic) links:

ln -s /path/source /path/alias

Creates an alias to a file. Can be used with directories. Can cross system boundaries. Doesn’t update if file deleted or moved.

Misc. Commands:
chown [owner] file
chgrp group file

chown/chgrp on a symbolic link (use -h):

chown -h myuser:mygroup mysymbolic

 Find files over 100m:

find . -type f -size +100M
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PHP Regular Expressions


A regular expression is enclosed between two forward slashes “//“. Hash signs # or tildes ~ can also be used (these characters are called delimiters).
eg. $exp = “/php/“;    – search for the occurence of string ‘php’


* Match zero or more of the preceding expression
Match one or more occurences of the preceding expression
? Match zero or one of the preceding expression

() brackets can be used to mark out sub patterns.


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Laser 4000 notes

Hatch covers:
Made by Holt-Allen, size: 4″, product code: HA 337

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Topper sailing dinghy parts

Online shops supplying Topper parts:

Fixing leaks:



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Google translate Firefox problem (not working on Apple Mac)

If the Google Translate drop down menu of languages does not open, or appears empty when the Google Translate tool is clicked in Firefox, the problem is usually caused by an issue with the Flash plugin, or the Flash plugin being blocked.

The solution is to re-install the latest Flash plugin from Adobe:

Alternatively, try turning off any Flash blocking software that may be installed.

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