IOSSC Webcams

The longest running and most popular weather cam system on the Isle Of Sheppey can be found on the Isle Of Sheppey Sailing Community website ( available here:

IOSSC Webcams

The weather cams were first setup in July 2003, and have been in continuous operation since that time. From the outset, the project was funded & developed by local web design company Designbell, to help promote the IOS Sailing Club and the Isle Of Sheppey’s superb sailing waters & facilities, and to also provide a free 24/7 365 day a year weather service for the local & wider community. The system is completely bespoke and unique, and is constantly being refined and improved. At one point it featured ten weather cams located in Sheerness, Queenborough (in partnership with Queenborough Harbour Trust) and Minster (in partnership with Minster Gatehouse Museum), although currently reduced back to three. It’s one of the most popular and well known weather sites in the South East, especially amongst sailors.

The weather cams originally appeared as part of the IOS Sailing Club website until July 2014, when the sailing club’s committee of the time suddenly requested the system be removed at short notice and also that the original website no longer represent the club’s name.

This unexpected decision meant that in order to minimise disruption, the original system had to be quickly relocated and rebuilt at a new location and the name of the original website revised to IOS Sailing Community, to allow the operation of the highly popular system to continue. At the same time, the sailing club’s committee setup their own website & webcam using another but similar domain name.

The 2014 committee’s setup was short lived, and a member proposed at the 2016 AGM the club should allow the original system to be reinstated, which happened slowly after 2017.

The original system is still located at the original domain name – 

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