Rigging instructions and owner's guides.

Model Size  
Learn to Sail Escape (PDF) 2.1mb  
Escape 12 (PDF) 2.4mb  
Escape Rumba (PDF) 0.5mb  
Escape Captiva (PDF) - page 1 only 0.3 mb  
Escape Mambo (rig similar to Cha Cha) -  
Escape Mango (PDF) 0.6mb  
Escape Solsa (PDF) 0.6mb  
Escape Cha Cha (PDF) 0.6mb  


Description Size  
Escape Sailboats Brochure (PDF) 2.7mb  
Escape Solsa Brochure (PDF) 0.3mb  
Escape Cha Cha Brochure (PDF) 0.6mb