Storage Avoid storing the hull in direct sunlight as this will cause the plastic to become brittle. It's best to store the hull upside down when storing for extended periods.
Hulls Made from one piece roto-molded polyethylene with no seam, giving high impact-resistance and durability.
Were originally made by Fiberspar. Now hard to come by. Originally made in aluminium, later rigs used carbon fibre.
Sails Originally made by North Sails.
Later made by Neil Pryde Sails.

Some sails are made from Dacron, the clear sails are made from Mylar (if SmartRig) or monofilm (if SimpleRig).
Rudder stock/
Rudder head
Most of the boats use the same rudder stock and parts as the Sunfish dinghy.
Rudder blade Rumba/Captiva - made from solid spruce.