Polyethylene Escape are made from one piece polyethylene using rotational moulding, so there's no seam to split. Polyethylene can withstand much more punishment than conventional fiberglass hulls.
Stableform Stableform makes Escapes up to 3x (300%) less likely to tip over than a traditional sailboat.

A self teaching sailing system:

"The Windicator literally shows you the wind, where you can sail versus the wind, and how to trim your sail.

Beneath the Windicator's pointer is a colored pie chart. Colored zones indicate safe sailing, the stopzone is for stopping, and the duck zone is for ducking your head. At the base of each sailplan is a matching color coordinated pie chart and a sail arrow.

Simply steer the boat and trim the sail to bring the sail arrow to the same color on the pie chart that the Windicator points to on its pie chart. It couldn't be any easier."


"The SmartRig is a patented new sailplan that offers the ultimate user-friendly benefit: When the wind comes up you can instantly make the sail smaller simply by pulling on the single control line. No other sailplan can claim instant adjustment of the sail size.

Instead of being attached to the mast, the SmartRig's boom is independently mounted to the deck. When rolling the sail in or out, this arrangement allows the mast to spin freely and without added friction from a boom coupling. The boom is also set at a fixed height, which means it cannot come crashing down on your head as with the antiquated systems used on other small sailboats."

Rigs Mast and boom securely lock into the boat during use
Two piece masts