1943 – Construction & Launch:
15 March, Construction started on the SS Richard Montgomery at St John’s River Shipbuilding Company of Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
15 June, SS Richard Montgomery launched.

August. Departed Hog Island, Philadelphia loaded with 6,127 tons of munitions.
Travelled from Delaware River to Thames Estuary.

SS Richard Montgomery was loaded with a cargo of 7,000 tons of munitions In August 1944 to join convoy HX-301 bound for the UK (followed by Cherbourg).

Arriving in the Thames Estuary, she was advised to anchor in the Great Nore anchorage off Sheerness to wait for the convoy travelling to Cherboug.

Unfortunately, on 20th August 1944, her anchored dragged and she grounded on a sandbank.

After grounding, intense efforts were untaken to unload the cargo. Unfortunately, the next day a crack appeared in the hull and the forward end began to flood.

Salvage continued until 25th September 1944, by which time approximately half of the cargo had been successfully removed, but the salvage effort was abandoned after the vessel flooded completely.